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As the landscape of cyber threats becomes increasingly complex and sophisticated, safeguarding your technology systems with cutting-edge network security solutions has become paramount.

At Freedom Managed Services, our seasoned team of experts is dedicated to elevating your cybersecurity posture to new heights.

Whether you're at the office or on vacation, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our robust Freedom Foundation Framework is proactively defending against both internal and external threats, with round-the-clock protection, detection, and response systems in place.

Freedom Foundation Framework

Imagine being in control of your company's IT, knowing that your employees are well-equipped to be the first line of defense against cyber-attacks, even when you're on vacation. Your team is trained to identify and avoid phishing attacks, and your company has established proven processes, policies, and procedures to ensure everyone is aware of what's happening within the organization. You've also implemented cutting-edge technology that has resulted in operational efficiencies that were previously unthinkable. This vacation is going to be truly relaxing, with no work phone or computer, just quality time with family, friends, and some much-needed alone time.

At Freedom Managed Services, we offer a comprehensive set of solutions that empower you to effectively manage your company's risk. Our proven Freedom Foundation Framework provides a robust cybersecurity structure that you can rely on.

The Freedom Foundation Framework is built on three pillars, each of which is essential for preparing your organization for any scenario that hackers might throw your way. Maintaining a healthy balance among these components is crucial to ensuring the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of your network security measures, which ultimately means less work for you!

With Freedom Managed Services and our Freedom Foundation Framework, you can confidently entrust your company's IT security to us, allowing you to enjoy your well-deserved vacation without worrying about cyber-attacks.

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It Starts With Creating A Culture Of Security...

Why You Should Choose FMS Security

Securing your computer network doesn't have to be stressful, but it does have to be earnestly thought out. Don't fret, the hard part has been done for you.  Not only do we use traditional practices such as patching, firewalls and updating, but we also protect you from malware with our in-depth antivirus solutions. We use a proven and refined system that makes you as protected as possible, while still being user-friendly. From simple desktops to multi-site connectivity or rewiring, we can handle any size project.

Save Time

With Freedom Foundation Framework, as your guide, you will save time putting together your cyber plan.

Make Money

With Freedom Foundation Framework as your guide, cybersecurity becomes almost no worry, allowing you to make money doing what you do best.

Save Effort

With Freedom Foundation Framework as your guide, the hard work has already been done, saving you the effort when putting together your cyber plan.

What Makes Our Network & Cybersecurity Different?

We always start with a strategy call. This is to find out as much as we can about the current state of your Network and Cyber Security protections which means you start down a path of understanding your Risk.

The next step is to run a complete risk assessment and find out what is really happening on the network which means you will know exactly what must be addressed to create a cyber-protection strategy that works.

Last we will implement our Freedom Foundation Framework. With this in place, you will enjoy a structure everyone on your team will appreciate, which means less stress and more time for what you want.

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